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The Kyerito is PERFECT for catering!

Here's Why:

High quality, nutrient dense, clean food that's full of'll CRAVE it!
No food comas.  Feel ENERGIZED by the food you eat.
Portable and easy to eat.
Saucy stays saucy, crispy stays crispy till you are ready to eat it, no more soggy bread or tortilla.
Long quality window, put leftovers in the fridge and eat it later.
Naturally gluten free, easily vegan or paleo, we have something for EVERYONE

Make an impression:

Beautiful presentation.
WOW with flavor and a unique food experience.
Show that you CARE about the people you are feeding and are part of the conscious food movement.
Innovative, creative, fun, and just plain COOL.

It's EASY:

We make entertaining easy with food delivery and simple set up.
We use COMPOSTABLE platters, plates, utensils, and napkins.
Order online, inquire below, email us at, or call us at 310-395-KYES (5937). 
We look forward to serving you soon.



Den Miso Tempeh (V), Chickpea Curry (V), Black Bean Burger (V)


Den Miso Chicken, Curry Chicken, Nori Burger, Macro Avocado (V), Tofu Pesto (V), Bulgogi Tempeh (V)


Macro Salmon, Bulgogi Beef, Chicken Bacon Pesto, Nori N Lox


Paleo/Keto Deli Turkey, Paleo/Keto Chicken Bacon Pesto

Min order 12 PC Grain Free or Add Avo 1/PC




Mini                             2/PC

Regular                        4/PC


Organic Iced Tea         3/PP

Organic Yerba Mate    4/PP

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