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Food transcends cultural and religious barriers and connects people and the world around us. We celebrate and share some of the best times of our lives eating together.  At Kye’s we choose to be inclusive and celebrate diet diversity.  Everyone has different needs, we are here to simply provide something exciting, delicious, and nutritious for everyone to enjoy!

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Our Ingredients

The jury is in and farming practices in our country have to change for our health and the well being of our planet.  There is a food sensitivity epidemic going on and our children are suffering.  Our soil is depleted; processed foods, refined sugars, antibiotics, and pesticides are affecting our gut health; and our bodies are not recognizing GMO foods as food.  Some believe the quality of our food is the root cause of most chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases.  Eating more clean whole foods and favoring a more plant based diet is good for our health and our planet.  We're here to make this EASY and DELICIOUS!  We list every ingredient we use in our food for your reference here.

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